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Backpacking Backpack Across Europe on $1,000

On Monday, I blogged about living intentionally and how I’m living freely and traveling constantly because that is what I want more than anything.A couple of times when I mentioned I spent a month (twice) traveling through Europe I’ve been met with responses like “must be nice to have that …

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Backpacking My Ever-changing AT Gear List – The Trek

I’ve updated my gear list many times. I’ve done countless hours of research and my dad helped me a lot too. I’ve been planning this trip now for about two years and I think I finally have everything I need to hike the Appalachian Trail! (I better because I start …

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Backpacking Lightweight Trail Food – Episode 7

Trail food is a very personal choice. What you bring will greatly depend on your preferences, the nutritional value of the food, and how hard it will be to cook. Keeping your food weight down is a critical lightweight backpacking skill that will take experience to master. Hopefully these tips …

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